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      Group news

      • Newcomer design institute honor dean Zhang Fuchang personally in the design institute to guide the work

        On the morning of September 11th, Prof. Zhang Fuchang, honorary dean of the design team of Newcomer Group, visited the Newcomer Provincial Design Institute and gave lectures on "Design and Design" for designers. Zhang Yizhong from Thanksgiving and Review, Times and Background, With the economy, trends and characteristics, thinking and suggestions, mission and responsibility of these six aspects of his years of industrial design experience and sentiment.

        14 2017.09
      • Newcomer Group was named China Leather Association corporate credit rating

        On the afternoon of August 28, the enlarged meeting of the second director of the China Leather Association was held in Shanghai, accompanied by the chairman of the board of directors Shi Jihong, the group deputy general manager Tang Xinglong attended the meeting. The meeting issued a leather enterprise credit evaluation results and held a licensing ceremony. Newcomer Group was named China Leather Association corporate credit rating "AAA" level enterprise.

        14 2017.09
      • Lianyungang City, Wan Wenhua, deputy secretary of the line to visit the rookie tour guide

        August 17 afternoon, Lianyungang City Party Committee Secretary, Haizhou District Secretary Wan Wenhua and many other leaders come to Newcomer Group, chairman of the group Zhao Xuequn, accompanied by chairman of the board Shi Jihong, general manager of the Group Zhao Shengmei, deputy general manager of the Group Tang Xinglong Accompanied by the visit, visited the Newcomer Group's "wisdom factory" intelligent manufacturing system and Pinghu International Bags City, together to discuss the Lianyungang project. Lianyungang City, deputy director of Wan Wenhua (left one, female) group led the leadership to visit the physical test center, chemical testing center, information warehouse, assembly room, production workshop, intelligent packaging and so on.

        14 2017.09
      • Newcomer Group Party branch to participate in the new Kanai two new party members party spirit education training class

        In order to further improve the party members of the party to cultivate, July 16, Pinghu Municipal Party Committee is seeking the second floor of the lecture hall, the new Kanai town held a one-day new Kanai two new party members party education and training, nearly 200 party members to participate This training. Deputy secretary of the municipal party committee Shen Mingzhong, deputy secretary of the town party committee Chen, the organization members Feng Chao and other relevant leaders, city and town two new organization party instructor, the town two new members of the organization participated in this training. Newcomer Group Party branch of the 33 members of the town as a new organization of all members of a member also participated in the training.

        14 2017.09
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